How does it feel to raise an employment tribunal?

How does it feel to raise an employment tribunal claim? A client's-eye-view.

If you are facing difficulty at work, a tribunal claim can seem a daunting prospect. Here, one of our clients explains how they arrived at the decision to raise a claim, considered instructing an employment law solicitor and reached their decision to instruct Ergo Law for advice. They present their advice and summarise their experience for anyone faced by similar circumstances.

the prospect of an employment tribunal claim can seem intimidating

the prospect of an employment tribunal claim can seem intimidating

How did you feel at first when facing difficulty at work?

I felt extremely low, undervalued, stressed and anxious. 

How did instructing Ergo Law as your employment solicitors affect how you felt about things?

After my first contact with Ergo Law I felt an instant relief that someone was listening and that someone was on my side. Although I knew that there were would be difficult times ahead, the support from Ergo made me believe that there was light at the end of the tunnel. 

Why did you decide to instruct an employment law solicitor?

The working relationship between myself and my employer had broken down and my health was deteriorating. I felt that my employer wasn’t listening.  I needed help and support but didn’t have any HR support or a union to turn to. That’s when I decided to get a solicitor involved. 

How did you feel about raising an employment tribunal claim?

I was extremely nervous and anxious about raising a tribunal claim. This is something that I didn’t want to do but the working relationship between myself and my employer had broken down and this was the only way to move forward. 
I felt that the information and documents that were required to raise the tribunal claim were extremely overwhelming and I worried that this could be far too difficult to continue.  

Are there any strategies/ steps you took which you found helpful during the employment tribunal claim (e.g. steps to minimise stress etc.)?

The most helpful strategy during the tribunal claim was having the support from Emma and Cathy. They took control (with my permission) filling in the various forms and documents necessary for the various stages of the tribunal process as well as taking control of the communication between my employer and myself. This took a lot of the stress away from me and allowed me to focus on my health. 
Other helpful strategies included relaxation/breathing techniques as well as mindfulness. 

Do you have any tips that you would you give to employees considering instructing an employment law solicitor in connection with their work (e.g. choosing a solicitor, what stage to get a solicitor involved…)

I would recommend contacting various employment law firms for advice and guidance. It’s important that you feel comfortable and at ease with their outlook on your case and what they can do for you. 
I instructed Ergo several months after the first incident but I would recommend having a solicitor involved as soon as possible. It’s important that you’re aware of timeframes to raise tribunal claims to have the best possible case to present to the tribunal. 

What difference did it make to you, having us involved?

The instant relief and reduced stress knowing that I was in the right hands and that you were so understanding and sensitive to my condition was amazing. I was able to focus on my health rather than getting bogged down by the stresses of the tribunal claim together with the direct communication from my employer which was also stressful. The attitude of my employer improved towards me and the situation. Without having Ergo Law involved I don’t believe that I would have had such a positive outcome. 

How do you feel about things when you look back on your experience?

When I look back at my experience, I feel so lucky to have found Emma and Cathy at Ergo. They were so understanding and sensitive to my struggles with my health, ever since our first conversation. Their actions and goals were always in my best interests and we always discussed the best plan moving forward together.  
I had contacted other employment law firms that were not as understanding or sensitive and I felt that their interests were only in the company and not for me as the individual. 
I really could not have stayed so positive and encouraged without the support of Emma and Cathy. 

Is there anything else that you would say to someone you know who found themselves in a similar situation?

I would suggest seeking advice and guidance as soon as possible. The worst part for me was feeling that I was going through this alone and I really couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t stress enough how getting Ergo involved with my situation really did significantly reduce the stress and anxiety I was facing and provided me with so much positivity.