Brown paper packages tied up with string

These are a few of our favourite things

It's always a pleasure to buy something special for yourself. But we know that people don’t get excited about spending money on legal advice. New shoes, a flash car, a holiday; these are the purchases that people enjoy planning and feel comfortable paying for. Unfortunately for solicitors, legal fees just don’t inspire the same kind of feelings. We know that this is because people might instruct a solicitor when they are in a vulnerable position, feel that they are being badly treated or feel that they have no choice. Or it could be that the solicitor is instructed as a form of insurance, to make sure that nothing goes wrong (insurance never was a glamorous and exciting purchase). Much as we’d like it if we worked in an industry where people got really excited about spending money on our products, we accept that this is not the case. 

Happy client feedback- sounds like music to our ears

For this reason, we think it is doubly important that you are a happy customer when you have paid us to advise you. Equally, when we get glowing feedback from our clients, it means twice as much. We know that our clients may be experiencing a great deal of stress or even distress at the time they seek our advice. If they can reflect on the experience and say that they are delighted with how we helped them, to us, that is, in the words of a well-known ad campaign, ‘priceless’. 

It never fails to delight us when we receive positive feedback at the end of a case, so we have decided to share the words of our clients on our new testimonial page.  Our clients are best qualified to explain how they feel about instructing our services and when they say “if it is possible to have a good experience in a legal case, then that’s how it was with Ergo Law” or “from my experience I would have no hesitation in recommending Ergo Law to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position” we are sure they feel confident that their money was well spent.