Settlement agreements for employers

Ending the employment relationship and minimising risk with a settlement agreement

Settlement agreements can be a useful tool to reduce risk and manage an employee’s exit from your business as smoothly as possible. They may be used in business reorganisations, redundancy situations or when the employment relationship is untenable for other reasons. They can also be used to settle any claim raised against you. If you plan to offer a severance package to an employee, please contact us first so that we can advise you on how to approach that initial conversation so as to minimise any risk of claims against you.  

From protected conversations to termination and compensation: we can guide you through the exit process

We can draft any necessary letters as well as a meeting script or aide memoire for you to ensure that you satisfy the requirements of a ‘protected conversation’ so that the conversation remains behind closed doors.  We can then advise you on proposed settlement terms, draft the settlement agreement, and negotiate matters with your employee’s legal representative through to conclusion.

Settlement agreement fees

We normally expect to charge around £450 + VAT to draft a settlement agreement, but this is just an indication– we will be happy to give you a bespoke quote after discussing matters with you so that we fully understand the scope of the work required and you have certainty on the costs involved.