Workplace issues and disputes are many and varied. We recognise that you may be seeking our support at a time when things feel uncertain and we want to remove uncertainty over questions of cost. Our aim is to be straightforward and flexible in terms of how we charge, to provide value for money and transparency regarding the fees involved in taking our advice.  

Like most law firms, we have a basic standard hourly rate but our experience is that, where possible, most clients would prefer to agree a fixed fee in advance based on an agreed scope of work.  Of course, there will be always be cases where the issues are complex or where we cannot be certain how matters will unfold, and where we therefore cannot offer a fixed fee arrangement.  In such cases, we will still always provide you with a realistic indication of the likely fee and we will update you regularly on costs.   No client wants an unexpected legal bill at the end of a piece of work and our aim is to provide a service which you are happy with, from initial instruction to final billing. 

If you require assistance with an employment law matter, please feel free to contact us for an initial discussion and, as part of that conversation, we will talk you through the likely costs of taking advice.