Employment law for employers

Your employees are at the heart of your business.  When relationships between you and your employees are strong, your business benefits through improved productivity, lower absence rates and higher levels of staff retention.  It is also a better place to work.

We are here to provide you with day-to-day HR support and to offer advice and guidance on all of the legal issues which may arise during the employment relationship, from drafting new contracts and policies to advising on dismissal.   Whether it is managing sickness absence, handling pregnancy and maternity leave, making adjustments for disabled employees or changing contractual terms (and everything in between) you can outsource your HR support to us and be comfortable that you are in safe hands. We would be happy to arrange an informal discussion with you about the types of support which we can offer your business.

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Contracts and policies

We can help you put contracts and policies in place to help ensure positive working relationships within your business. We draft bespoke contracts and policies to provide you and your employees with a sense of certainty and security. The contracts and policies will provide you with a practical resource which can be used in the day-to-day management of your employees as well as protecting you in the event that things go wrong. Well thought-out, bespoke contracts and policies will reduce the chance of this happening and should also put you in the best possible position in the event of an Employment Tribunal claim.

Disciplinary, grievance and other management procedures

It is likely that, as an employer, you will at some point need to conduct a formal grievance or disciplinary process with an employee. Or you may need to manage an employee’s performance or absence. We can guide you through this process and will even conduct investigations and hearings on your behalf if necessary.

Dismissal / termination of employment

It is often at the end of the employment relationship when employers feel that they need more information about employees’ rights and a better understanding of the options available to best manage a potentially difficult situation. We can support you through the termination of employment whether for disciplinary, performance or other reasons, whilst minimising the risks to your business. Should you wish to negotiate a settlement agreement with an employee, we will guide you through this step by step, from providing you with a script for an initial protected conversation, to advising on post-termination restrictions and protecting your confidential information, right through to finalising the settlement agreement which we have drafted for you.

Employment tribunal claims

Should you find yourself involved in an Employment Tribunal claim, we have hands-on experience of defending all manner of proceedings. We will give you an initial view of your potential exposure and the likely costs of defending the claim. Tribunal claims often settle before the hearing and we will use our negotiation skills to achieve the best possible resolution for you. However, if you do face going to Tribunal, we will guide you through the process step by step.


Finally, to ensure that you feel confident to deal with whatever life throws at you (in an employment context at least!), we provide bespoke training for you and your managers on disciplinary and dismissal processes, discrimination, performance and absence management, or indeed on any other area of employment law which you’d like to learn more about.

If you’d like more information about how we can support your business then we’d love to hear from you.